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August 29 2013

marylambertsing: @darrencriss from Glee, you are a muffin. One of my favorite voices.

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August 26 2013

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August 17 2013

August 11 2013

When I was Harry Potter

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August 08 2013

Darren Criss name-dropped on Drop Dead Diva, July 1, 2012. x
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August 06 2013

August 05 2013

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August 04 2013

You’re already inspirational. Just remember to share it.
— Darren Criss’ positive post-it message at the Do Something Awards (via turkeylink)
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July 16 2013

tumblr_mpumve96SW1rlylr1o1_250.gif (245×315) tumblr_mpumve96SW1rlylr1o2_250.gif (245×315) Drink more!
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July 11 2013

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I am Darren

i am darren when darren 

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July 05 2013

Darren breaks character [x]
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June 16 2013

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June 13 2013

tumblr_moas82zfCu1qaxxelo2_250.gif (245×280) tumblr_moas82zfCu1qaxxelo1_250.gif (245×280) I'm just that kid
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June 05 2013

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Good Ol' Moon
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June 03 2013

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