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August 15 2011



This is the list of best quality audio files I downloaded for myself, if anyone else is looking for them. It’s in the order of his set list.  

Singing In The Rain
I’ll Make A Man Out Of You
This Love Is Misery
Part Of Your World
I Still Think
Another Love Affair
Status Quo
Not Alone
The Coolest Girl
Teenage Dream
Teenage Dream [I have two versions]
Don’t You
One Fine Day
That’s All
Granger Danger

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August 14 2011

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Darren Criss - Another Love Affair (by lukesdinergirl5)

Darren’s new song!! Well, newly finished!!! I thought it sounded great! It has got a sweet jive to it :)

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lookin’ around here you’d think- shit. she’s got everything!

i would like to see who else could pull off “Part of Your World” on the guitar, live, fast tempoed, with random swears thrown in.

then i’d like to take that person and get them to duet with darren criss.

i have a feeling the only person you’ll find will be darren criss.

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Darren Criss singing part of I Still Think at Market Days (bad video quality good audio though!)
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Darren singing Teenage Dream in Chicago 13/08

LOL..when his phone rings..his face tho Darren, we <3 you

August 05 2011

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‪Raise your glass- Warblers 
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Darren Criss- That’s All

August 03 2011

A short snippet of a studio version of Tu Vuoi Fa L’Americano by Darren Criss.  The best 31 seconds of your life.
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July 31 2011

Darren Criss | To Have A Home

i’ve heard the word before

but it’s never meant much more than just a thing i’ve never had
a “place”
they say “hey know your place”
but i’ve never had a place to even know
or a face that i could go to if i needed someone there
i’m laughing, it’s hard to hide a smile
my god it’s been awhile
since i’ve had a reason to
to think
it’s been here all along
somewhere to belong
& a reason, a something-to-believe in
i’ve finally found it
a place where i’m wanted
this must be how it feels to have a home
i used to dream about it
but never schemed or counted on fantasies or wishes
it breaks a man to see what he misses
for so many nights i’d pray for a better life & a better day
but i never thought that it’d come true
it’s finally here & i don’t know what to do
& i’m trying not to cry
this must be how it feels
to have a home
i’ve finally made it
i’ve hoped & i’ve waited
& for the first time in my life i don’t feel so alone
my heart starts to heal, to know this is real
this is how it must feel
to have a home

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this video is the definition of 'totally awesome'
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July 29 2011

Darren Criss- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
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July 25 2011

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Animal, Misery/This Love, Darren Criss
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July 22 2011

Darren Criss - St. Louis Six Flags concert



  • I’ll Make a Man out of You
  • This Love is Misery
  • Don’t you
  • Status Quo/The Train Song
  • Human
  • Coolest Girl
  • Animal
  • Teenage Dream
  • Good ol’ Moon
  • Sami*
  • I Still Think
  • Not Alone*
  • Part of your World*
  • Jealousy*
  • Stutter


*no available download currently

Credit for the recordings go to corymountieth and charlielikesdragons

Ones which are not up will most likely be up tomorrow so this list will be updated


"Look at that goober!"
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Darren Criss | The Train Song

July 19 2011

The Garage in no particular order, BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE AWWW YEA. Some of them are cut because my battery was bleurgh.

Click for HQ because his face is so, so beautiful:

Coolest Girl

Animal/This Love Has Given Me Misery


Don’t You

Teenage Dream



Part Of Your World

One Fine Day

Make A Man Out Of You

I Still Think

Granger Danger

Goin’ Back To Hogwarts

Getting Along

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Darren performing ‘Animal’ and ‘Misery/This Love’ at The Relentless Garage 06-07-2011. Includes sweaty Darren and Darren jamming in between the two songs. I apologise for those damn pink lighting flares, that’s the only problem with being front row!
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This could mean
DANGER! I'm falling in love
Falling in love
Falling in love...
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July 18 2011

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Witness the return of the greatest evil that the world has ever known...
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Somewhere Only We Know (Glee Cast Version) - Glee Cast [Darren Criss]  “Oh, simple thing, where have you gone? I’m getting old and I need something to rely on So tell me when you gonna let me in I’m getting tired and I need somewhere to begin And if you have a minute why don’t we go Talk about it somewhere only we know? This could be the end of everything. So why don’t we go, so why don’t we go?”
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July 17 2011

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