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June 11 2012

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Darren Criss - Status Quo (Starkid Apocalyptour, NYC 6/10/12)
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February 16 2012


This Jealousy (Practice Take) from Darren’s Myspace

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January 26 2012

Clip of Darren signing To Have A Home from VH1 video.

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January 21 2012

Darren Criss singing Rosemary | 01/18/2012 

 (Recorded by rosemaryfinch

BROSEEEEEmary ahaha

December 23 2011

Part of “It’s Not Unusual” - American Australian Association Benefit Dinner (AAA) (November 9 - 2011)

December 19 2011

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Jealousy - Darren Criss - Joe’s Pub - Full with mistakes.

6:00 “Cause every time that I think I’m gonna play this song right and remember all the words and the cords.  I’m just like goddam I won’t get it right!”  - BEST NEW LYRIC EVER!!

From smilesf77 youtube page.

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Darren’s show part one. I Still Think and Sami
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Skin and Bones - Joe’s Pub - Charlene Kaye and Darren Criss

Love this song and the little hug/kiss at the end is so cute!

From smilesf77 youtube page.

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Part of Your World - Darren Criss - Joe’s Pub

Oh your adorable faces. 

From smilesf77 youtube page.

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December 18 2011

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Darren Criss singing Something’s Coming at the Sing Out, Raise Hope Benefit.

Video Source

Darren sounds phenomenal.  I think it’s such a treat to hear him sing this live.

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Baby It’s Cold Outside, Darren Criss and Brad Ellis, Sing Out Raise Hope 12/17/11 - HD (NOT MY VIDEO)

This is honestly adorable.

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December 05 2011

Darren Criss - Tu Vuo Fa l’Americano

December 02 2011

November 26 2011

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Darren Criss sings “Not Alone” (I recommend watching full screen)
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The huddle before they sing Goin’ Back to Hogwarts. They pretend Darren isn’t there and try to figure out who should sing. Tackling and tickling ensue. Boston House of Blue 2pm show.
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October 10 2011

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no, this is my favorite
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September 15 2011

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Darren Criss- Not Alone + Ringpop Proposal (Live @ Public Assembly NYC 10/17/10 9 of 11) 
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August 28 2011

Fly Me To the Moon - Darren Criss (x)

Fly me to the moon, 

and let me play among the stars.

Let me see what spring is like

on Jupiter and Mars.

So in other words,

hold my hand.

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August 21 2011

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“This is a love song about romanticizing the idea of somebody, more than the actual reality because sometimes its more fun.”

Darren Criss-Don’t You 

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August 16 2011

Darren Criss - Not Alone
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